Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Holidays To Everybody!

Hope everybody has a wonderful winter vacation!

Here are a few of my favorite holiday songs to sing!

And here are a few of holiday songs I've written...

And a classic story that I put my original music to:

Get plenty of rest and relaxation! See you in 2019!


The very last Musicians of the Week for 2018!!! 

RMS Chorus Sings Carols This Morning!

This was such a fun and festive way to start our last
day before vacation this morning! Thank you, RMS!

Winter Solstice?

Happy Winter Solstice, although it really feels like fall!

Disney and Pixar sings "This Is Me!"

Students enjoyed seeing this at the end of classes!

Here's one from a few years back that started it all!

And this one came along a few years after that! Fun!

PentaForce II

We had this talented uke group entertain us again!


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