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Spring Newsletter 2018

Kindergarteners recently had an opportunity to explore the instruments of the orchestra through the children’s classic, “Carnival of the Animals.” They have also been continuing to learn about opposites in music (loud/soft, fast/slow, long/short) through singing, listening, moving, and playing musical instruments. We will soon begin learning how to identify these concepts through pictures and symbols. This will prepare us for learning about the music staff next year!

First graders just finished a small unit on the appreciation of this glorious season through the music of “Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi.  Here we explored how the instruments of a string quartet can mimic the sounds of nature while learning about the form of a piece of music which, in this case, was rondo. We are currently learning about the instruments of the orchestra through the classic tale, “Peter and the Wolf.”

Second graders have been learning about the music staff and will soon have a chance to be young composers and create their very own compositions. Then, we will begin learning about a very famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, and how he created some of the most amazing music the world has ever known, despite the fact that he was nearly deaf when he created most of it!

Third graders recently finished up a small unit on “The Planets” by Gustav Holst (to tie in nicely with their science units on the solar system!), and have begun learning about the instruments of the orchestra and their families. They will soon continue with a unit on the Science of Sound that will connect with what they are learning in science (again!) in their classrooms. Third graders will also have the chance to compose and be composers of their very own music.

Fourth graders are continuing to climb to new heights on their recorders as they work towards a new belt each week in our Recorder Karate unit. Please still encourage them to practice each week (three or four times should be the minimum) and perhaps ask them to put on a little concert for you when they/you feel that they are ready! We hope to include them in our upcoming school concert!

Fifth graders have been strumming away on their ukuleles and realizing that they can perform many songs just by knowing 4 ukulele chords! We will have an opportunity to play the ukuleles in our upcoming school chorus concert!
Both schools will also have special Memorial Day assemblies to honor our veterans! More information will follow soon! Both schools will also have Spring Chorus Concerts for grades 3, 4 and 5. Information regarding those concerts will be sent home and, as always, is located under the 'Chorus' tab on this webpage! 
  I hope you will consider following this website (blog) so that you can be up on all of the latest music news! I have new postings nearly every day! Some of these posting are songs we've enjoyed singing, or playing, some are clips that tie into our music lessons, and others are my thoughts and/or reflections on what's going on musically in and out of the Music Room, so... be sure to check it all out!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (508) 541-2120 ext. 1029. I'm really excited for a fantastic end of the year in music! I hope your children are just as excited, too!

Mr. Barrett ;-)

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