Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Instrument of the Week!

(Hint: It is NOT the xylophone!)

It's the Glockenspiel!

What's the difference? Huge difference! Xylophones have wooden bars, 
while Metallophones (i.e. Glockenspiels, Bells, etc.) have metal bars.

I enjoyed greeting my classes with this instrument today and singing our "Hello" song,
as well as some other fun (and unexpected!) songs before entering the classroom!

Kids get to play a glissando on the Glockenspiel at the end of music class this week,
and they can look forward to playing them in our Orffestras later on in the year!

Here are some songs and pieces that feature the glockenspiel:

Can you hear it come in? (Hint: about 5 seconds in...)

This one starts only a few seconds in, too... can't miss it!

This song is a personal favorite of Mr. Barrett's!
It's an exciting song by the Canadian trio, Rush!
They used the glockenspiel in a lot of their songs!
Listen for it to enter in (albeit quietly) @ 1:28!

This is what 3rd graders heard in their music lesson today:

Do you hear a glockenspiel (metallophone)?
Or... is it a (marimba) xylophone?

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