Saturday, October 29, 2011

Instrument of the Week!

No, this is not a keyboard... ;-)

It's a Melodica!

I enjoyed surprising the students with it this week
as I greeted them outside of the Music Room
(as I do each week with a different instrument!)
to begin our week's Music Class together!

Here are some places where the melodica has surfaced:

The band The Hooters are named for the nickname of the instrument!
(Yes, a Melodica is called a Hooter!)
Here is one of their many songs that features a Melodica:

Jack Johnson's song, "If I Could," features the melodica!

"Money Changes Everything" was a hit for Cyndi Lauper in the 80s,
and it also features the Melodica in the solo section (at 3:07)!

Even American Idol contestants have enjoyed playing them!
Here's Casey Abrams at his Austin Audition last year:

And lastly...

Here are many Melodicas as performed by one player
(a la Mike Tompkins!) for Bach's Orchestral Suite #1:

The performer's name is James Howard Young.
Here he is performing another selection by Bach:

Hope you enjoyed the Melodica this week in music!
Please share where you might have heard it before!

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